Quest Page Renewal

Quest Page Renewal

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Organize quests in categories making it easy to manage.


Organize quests in categories making it easy to manage.

  • Code Language: Lua & Python;
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Q1. How to categorize quests? R1: Simply add the quest name to any category index inside the “questcategory.txt”. Make sure you are adding the name of the quest and not the name of the quest file. See the example below
4 make_herb_lv10 4 make_herb_lv15 4 make_herb_lv20 4 make_herb_lv25 4 make_herb_lv4 4 make_herb_lv7 4 collect_quest_lv30 4 collect_quest_lv40 4 collect_quest_lv50 4 collect_quest_lv60 4 collect_quest_lv70 4 collect_quest_lv80 4 collect_quest_lv85 4 collect_quest_lv90 4 collect_quest_lv92 4 collect_quest_lv94



  • Added Marty Sama source support;
  • Cannot try to open categories without quests;
  • Category icons are now closing correctly.


  • Added quest label icon image on categories that have quests;
  • Grouped all scrolls into one only with the number of total quests;
  • Hidden quest slot line break from the top of the scroll bar;
  • Adjusted some margins and positions;

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  1. Deiu

    Works perfect! :)

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