OSF (Owsap Server Files)


Version 4 (Latest)

This version is no longer being enhanced but is still supported.

It contains many systems that have been now removed completely in newer versions due to the fact of being to much “weight” on the project and other controversies...

The main goal of the OSF Project is to make a stable core running in good conditions, this way I have decided to remove many 3rd party systems that should never been a part of the project.

For more information about this version, of what it contains and what is supported or not please read the Version 4 Changelog.

If you choose this version you must consider some things before purchasing.

  1. I will no longer support systems that have been removed in newer versions. (Check V5 system removal to know which systems exactly)
  2. You cannot have a direct upgrade of V5 (it will simply not work) or claim the V5 archives.
  3. You have the right to have V5 bug fixes, correction and support as equal.

Testing the V4

Client link (MEGA)

Accounts (There are 200 accounts you can choose from and test freely)

Example: Login: id30 Password: pw30


This version costs € 500,00 400,00. Xmas Discount

Version 5 (Latest) [Not released yet]

This version, comparing to the previous V4, no longer contains some of the systems and has been improved in various ways.

Here is a list of all the removed systems that is included in V4.

NOTE: This list is subject to changes, please be aware of this information.

Please read the Version 5 Changelog if you want to know more about this version.

Testing the V5

Only OSF customers allowed at the moment.

Client link (MEGA) Contact me for the key and tell me why you want to test the V5.

Accounts (There are currently no accounts available for freely testing, please contact me if you are interested in testing V5)


There will be soon 2 price points available for this version.

  1. Without “Daily Gift System” (Latest System) = € 600,00
  2. With “Daily Gift System” (Latest System) = € 650,00

Q & A

  1. What do I get with the OSF Project?
  2. The OSF Project provides you with everything you need. You will have access to all files, including sources, client, tools, resources, documents and other files. You will also have the right to be part of my Discord server, Trello Board and GitHub page where you can look-up for updates.

  3. Do I have the right to get updates and are they free?
  4. Yes, you will get updates and they are completely free but take in mind that there is no estimate time for their release.

  5. I am an old V4 customer, do I have the right to have V5 updates?
  6. Yes, if you have purchased the V4 in the past you will get V5 updates for free but take in mind that you must pay an additional (V5 - V4 = TOTAL) if you want the full archives.

  7. Why doesn't V5 contain defines / macros!?
  8. Many defines / macros have been removed from V5 for safety purposes.

  9. How can I disable a system if there is no defines / macros?!
  10. You can disable these reading the information in the server/src/common/service.h file.