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M2 Services

Daily Gift System

When this event is enabled the player can collect a daily item reward from the daily gift window. There are 7 items to collect which is equivalent to the 7 days of the week. These gift items can be edited or added in a specific text file. The player can also purchase gifts without waiting…
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WebBrowser Upgrade – CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework)

By default, the binary uses IE (Internet Explorer) as it’s standard web browser which now adays is a difficult task to display some modern web pages and java scripts which IE struggles, with CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) you can load any web page without any problems.

Multi Language System

As the title indicates, you are able to change the entire language of your server and client using the config.exe or in-game system options like the official. When changing your language, you will be automatically disconnected from your account to load the new locale meanwhile strings and updates from the server are real-time.

Skill Color System

Allows you to change the color effect of your characters skill from the skill page.

LocaleString & LocaleQuest Builder (Translator)


Skill Book Combination System

You can trade 10 random books with Seon-Hae and with a cost of 1,000,000 Yang he will trade them with a random book of your current class.

Player Pin Code System

Simply an extra protection for each character, you can set a pin code to access the player selected. The default pin code for each character is 0000, you can change this pin code via in-game once the character is created and in the create character window if it’s a new character.

Hide Costume System

Hide any of your costumes by toggling a custom button on the costume window. You and all players will not see the hidden part.

Extended Blend Affect System

Extending normal blend items (dews) with the ability to turn them on and off, the normal items will have time as default and will countdown in real time when the time expires the item will be removed along it’s affect. There are also another type of dews, which never expire making them permanent. These items…
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Quest Page Renewal

Organize quests in categories making it easy to manage.