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My Services

I provide a wide array of development services.


I have more than 5 years of experience in this area as well as outside of it. In 2016 I started to make a variety of systems and tools for the game. I have a good base in Lua, Python and C++.


All the systems and tools available on my website were created by me and I can also create customized systems according to the client’s request.

OSF Project

I created a project (OSF) in 2017 based on the mainline branch that aims to be one of the best stable cores with relatively new content for a good national server as well as an international. We are always maintaining the same and updating it regularly for our customers.

Quality Assurance

The price you pay for any service will be repaid in the best way possible! We always ensure support for our customers! All available services are reviewed and tested before selling and/or launching updates.


Owsap Server Files (OSF)

Our project is focused on enthusiasts who want to create a server as a base that contains relatively modern content, while also maintaining a stable core at all times! If you are looking for that, you are in the right place. Our goal is to create the best base for your server and keep it always up to date for you and all our customers.


You will have all the files you need to start creating your server! Client, Source Files, Tools, Resources, Documents, Tutorials & Guidelines.


We update our project regularly and all updates will be committed in the OSF repository.


We will always be grateful to help you with anything you need, such as answering questions, helping to set up something or solving any problem that is related to our project.

Exclusive Access

We have a private Discord server and you will have exclusive access to it! There you can live with our community!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • The OSF Project will provide you quality and quantity! The price you pay for is the price you will be answered for! You will get access to everything you need; Client, Source Files, Tools, Resources, Documents, Tutorials / Guidelines, exclusive access to my Discord channel (Only OSF customers), GitHub access where you can find and download the latest updates! Finally, you will have as well and as

  • Yes, you will get access to these updates on GitHub for free but please take in mind these are only subject to the OSF project and not your server!

  • All OSF customers have the same method to get updates, and that’s one place only; GitHub. When there are updates I will inform everyone in the OSF Discord channel! There are no estimate dates for releases until I arrange them and announce them.

  • If you are a customer that has bought the OSF V4 before September 10, 2020 then you are only able to get bug fixes on your current version and if you have purchased the OSF V4 after September 10, 2020, unfortunately, you will have to pay an additional amount to cover the loss of older customers due to the price drop.

  • Many of the systems that were removed from V4 were old, unused and leaked. All the leaked systems were removed for the sake of keeping this project healthy and cleaner, these systems were removed permanently. Here is a full list of all the removed systems that is not included in V5. Note: This list is subject to changes, please be aware of this information.

Some of our Clients

Some of the best known servers that have worked with me before.